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Our History

How We Started

ACPN started in 2009 when the idea of establishing the alliance was born at the Arusha Alcohol Conference. This was followed by setting up of a steering committee composed of two founding members, that is, Kenya Girl Guides Association and Students Campaign against Drugs (SCAD). Thereafter, most of 2009 was spent by individual members developing their advocacy programmes.

During the 2nd East Africa Alcohol conference held in 2010, more Organizations were admitted into the network. Current members of the network include: Kenya Girl Guides Association, Students Campaign against Drugs (SCAD), Blue Cross, Africa Mental Health Research Foundation and International Institute of Legislative Affairs.


The alliance increases the level of awareness, dialogue, resources, and helps overcome individual shortcomings of members. As an alliance, more advocacy ideas and funds becomes available through increased access to development partners and stakeholders. Currently ACPN secretariat is housed at SCAD offices in Nairobi.

Affiliate Member

ACPN is an affiliate member of Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA) whose mission is to reduce alcohol related harm worldwide by promoting science based policies independent of commercial interests. GAPA‘s main objectives are to be a strong voice for alcohol policy globally and to be a more effective advocacy network in specific global, regional, national issues. Furthermore, as member of GAPA, ACPN does not receiving any funding from or providing in-kind services or support to alcohol companies or their subsidiaries, agents, social aspect organizations or consultants.

The remarkable growth experienced by ACPN stems from its belief that success attained in alcohol control in other parts of the world can be replicated in Kenya. This belief stems from the knowledge that where and when a vision has been set, the enabling frameworks introduced, stakeholder support secured, consistency in vision maintained, aggression and sustained leadership provided, and resources made available, success has, invariably, ensued.