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Our History

The Alcohol Control and Policy Network (ACPN) is a network of likeminded organizations set up in 2009 that seeks to advocate for the implementation of evidence based alcohol and public health policies and programs in Kenya.

The history of ACPN dates back to 2009 (then Kenya Alcohol Control and Policy Alliance – KAPA) when the idea of establishing the alliance was born at the Arusha Alcohol Conference. This was followed by setting up of a steering committee composed of members from Kenya Girl Guides Association (KGGA) and Students Campaign against Drugs (SCAD). Most of the year 2009 was spent by individual members developing their advocacy programs. In the 2nd East Africa Alcohol conference held in 2010 more organizations were admitted into the network including: Blue Cross Kenya, Africa Mental Health Research Foundation and the International Institute of Legislative Affairs.


Our Community

 For over 10 years the network has been involved in the development of policy, legislation and has worked with various counties in drafting, implementation and enforcement of the law.

ACPN is the local chapter of the East Africa Alcohol policy alliance which was also established in 2009 in Arusha, Tanzania to lobby East African governments to develop and implement evidence based Alcohol policies.