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Alcohol & Health Policies and Programs in Kenya

The Alcohol Control and Policy Network (ACPN) is a network of likeminded organizations set up in 2009 that seeks to advocate for the implementation of evidence based alcohol and public health policies and programs in Kenya.

ACPN is the local chapter of the East Africa Alcohol policy alliance which was also established in 2009 in Arusha, Tanzania to lobby East African governments to develop and implement evidence based Alcohol policies.

How You Can Help

Our Mission

To coordinate and support the implementation of Alcohol control policies, programs and initiatives through research, advocacy and innovative programming


‘A healthy informed and productive society.

Our Core Values 


– we will work with others because we clearly know that this is a fight that cannot be achieved by a single entity/agency 


– we will be dynamic in our programming and willing to embrace new ways of doing things to achieve our goals


  • – we are committed to bequeathing the next generation with a legacy that they will be proud of


our word is our bond; we will walk the talk and talk the walk

Human Dignity 

  • – It is all about people and they will be the center of our work and decisions.